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Your leads are exclusive to your agency!

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How to calculate your monthly fee:
Number of lines of coverage X number of states listed = Links X $3 = Total monthly fee ($18 Minimum)
X = X  $3

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   Total monthly fee
Link agency web site and add $10 per month in lieu of reciprocal link to
The link to is important to building the agency network. Our link will not direct your prospects to agencies with which compete. Only to agencies outside your operating area.

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We only accept full annualized payment by check. All company checks are processed through the eCheck system. To do so, write your check as normal and fax a copy of the check to our office at 410-363-8218. Save the check you write as your temporary receipt. A canceled check will be returned in your next bank statement. With eCheck your payment will be made directly from your business checking account. eCheck allows your enrollment fee to remain part of your agency checking account and automatically debited for future renewals.

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Our mission is to help insurance agencies remain a strong and valuable part of the Electronic Insurance Industry.

We are dedicated to helping the traditional insurance agency as the Internet becomes part of everyday life. How can anyone believe that people will make educated decisions, on something as technical as insurance, by reading a website or sales literature. When it comes to choosing the proper insurance and financial products, most people will admit they need an agent's advice and council. introduces you to these Internet shoppers. Making yourself available to these hard to reach prospects, increases your agency's value to the companies you represent!

The agency system provides more than just a sales force. Most companies are not prepared to take over policyholder service and education. It is an expensive proposition and the agencies have absorbed that expense for years. Insurance can be difficult to understand and agencies have always done the best job of explaining coverages and educating policyholders. The relationship between the agent and policyholder has always been key to the Insurance Industry.

Use the Internet to increase your value in the insurance industry. The Internet does not have to be your competition! It can become your ally and support your efforts to prosper in the electronic marketplace!

What is

A network of insurance agencies offering online quoting information, listed by state, province or country. promotes the value of using an agent to receive insurance information. We only work with insurance agents.

Who are you and where are you located?

We actually go by 3 names. IQ Solutions is the umbrella company.
We go by our web site names in most of our dealings with the public. is the site used to market and promote our service to the public. is our technical side. Here we develop, build and maintain our site and the sites of our web hosted members.
Our office is located at 11502 Reisterstown Rd., Owings Mills, MD 21117. That's in Baltimore County, northwest of Baltimore City. 100% of the companies are held by Gordon Harden, Jr.
We can be contacted as follows:
410-363-8218 (fax)

Do your quote forms automatically rate the coverages?

No. We gather the information necessary to quote and it is delivered directly from the prospect to your email address, immediately. When a quote comes in, you know that your prospect should be available at that moment.

What information is gathered by the forms?

Click Here to review the forms currently available on

I have a site with my own forms. Do I have to use yours?

No. We will set up your links on to go directly to your web site!

What do you know about the Insurance business? was developed in 1996 by Gordon Harden, Jr., who has owned and managed his own insurance agency, in Baltimore, since 1971. His father was also an agent from 1948 through 1983. Gordon has used the Internet as part of his agency marketing since 1994. His Internet expertise has been the subject of books, magazines and videos, helping hundreds of agencies better understand how to incorporate the Internet with agency marketing.

How do people find

We have been involved with the Internet since 1996 and our size gives us excellent placement on search engines. We also purchase advertising on web sites and daily e-mail newsletters. As of the summer of 2000, about 3000 people are finding us daily. The search engines produce our best visitors as these people are specifically looking for insurance.

I have a web site, should I join

That depends on your web site.

If you have an 'information only' site. Either a company maintained and sponsored site or your own information only site, one that doesn't offer online quote requests, you should join. We will provide all of the interactive quote pages, plus we can make them seem to be part of your agency web site. The Internet is not a phone book. People come looking to participate in order to receive information. You can get a local phone number much quicker with the Yellow Pages.

You have a web site with interactive quote pages, but no one ever finds it, joining will direct our prospects, in your operating area, to visit your pages.

If your web site offers quoting and produces all of the leads you want or can handle, then you don't need to join. There aren't very many agencies in this position, congratulations..

I don't have a web site, how can I join

You don't need to have a web site, just an email account. We provide everything you need, to prospect and receive quotes online. All requests are returned to your email inbox.

How many agents share a quote request?

Every quote form is unique to a specific agency. When a prospect fills out your form, the request is delivered direct to your email inbox. If the prospect wants another quote he/she must fill out another form. The average visitor fills out two requests per visit. This gives you the opportunity to to offer more than just a price.

Ready? Click here to enroll

What does this cost?

We invoice annually and debit monthly. We charge $3 per month per link. Our minimum fee is $18 per month. Additionally a one time set up fee of $25 is charged. Bottom line: For $18 per month you can quote 6 lines of coverage in you home state. It will cost you $43.00 to start today, including the set up fee.

What is a link?

This is a typical agency listing:
Galveston County & Entire State Harden Insurance Agency   Farmers Insurance Group, Travlers, CNA, Progressive, Unicare, Omaha Property & Casualty Auto Life Financial Planning Vision
Home  Business

 Long Term Care

Health Disability Income Annuities  Boat

The lines of coverage are links to the agency's quote forms. Each of these lines is one link. If this agent listed in more than one state each line in each state would equal a link.This agency will pay $18 per month for this listing in Texas. Use the following formula to compute your agency's annual fee.

How to calculate your annual fee:

Number of lines of coverage X states listed = Links X $3 = Total monthly fee ($18 Minimum)

 _____  X  ______   =  _____  X  $3  =  $_________($18 Min)
Lines    States   Links

   per link

   Total monthly fee

After I pay the monthly fee, do I pay for each lead?

NO! Our only charge is the listing fee. All leads generated by your pages are yours at no additional cost.

How many leads can I expect?

It depends on the lines of insurance, population and size of your operating area. Some parts of the country have a much greater percentage of the population 'online'. For example in CA, a single agency, offering auto, HO & boat quotes in the entire state, is averaging 3-4 quotes per day. Most smaller agency average 2-3 a week. If you quote auto or health the leads will be greatest. If you quote life, disability and LTC don't expect as many. All leads become excellent x-dates for electronic follow up. Many people are shopping now and buying later. By following up, through email, you'll increase the value of these requests. But figure this worst case scenario. If you pay the $18 per month fee for 6 lines of insurance and average only 1 request per week, each of those 52 requests would cost $4.15. Where can you buy a lead for $4.15?

How do I pay

We accept VISA, MasterCard & American Express for our no commitment' monthly payment.

I want to pay by check, may I?

Yes you may pay annually by check, using the eCheck system. The annual fee is the monthly fee times 12 plus your set up charge. Again we only accept annualized payment when using checks. Annual payment is for a 12 month minimum term.

What is eCheck?

eCheck is the electronic processing system used by many companies. I'm sure that you have been given the offer to make a payment, by check, over the phone. It's the same thing. With, you write a company check as normal and fax it to our office at 410-363-8218. Save the check you write as your temporary receipt. A canceled check will be returned in your next bank statement. With eCheck your payment will be made directly from your business checking account. eCheck allows your enrollment fee to remain part of your agency checking account. We will use this same account for your annual renewal.

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Can I think about it for a little while and get back to you?

Oh don't you just love to hear those words when you know you're proposing the proper insurance plan to someone? A plan that you know the client truly needs and postponing will only cost them in the long run? This is the perfect way to get into the online market.


OK, here's my story close, Picture this!:

It's 1900 and you're in the insurance business. One day a guy named Bell comes into your office and tells you he's wiring your town for this thing called the telephone. Now not everyone will get it right away, but those that do will be able to talk to each other from their homes or businesses. But only if they know who also has a telephone. He's going to give everyone a book with the names of the people and businesses in town that have telephones.

Now Mr. Bell can't promise that everyone will get a telephone or that people will come to the point where they can't live without one. But he's sure you'll do more business as more and more people get hooked up.

Knowing what you know today, would you have had that telephone installed? Would you pay to be listed in the little book?

Of course you would !

Hindsight is 20/20

Great, You got the point! Click here to sign up now!



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